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Novelty & Patentability Searches:

Patentability Searches are conducted to determine if a particular invention meets the patentability criteria in terms of novelty and non-obviousness. These searches involve identifying patent and non-patent literature disclosing the features of the particular invention. Such searches are, generally, conducted before incurring any cost into drafting, filing and prosecution of a patent encompassing any invention. These searches are also known as Protectability analysis, Novelty Search, Pre-examination Search, etc.

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Validation/Invalidation/Prior Art Searches:

A validity search involves conducting a patent and non-patent literature search to identify prior art literature that might affect the validity of a granted patent.
Such studies are, generally, conducted
» To verify whether a patent, which one might be accused of infringing, is valid or not, OR
» To check the validity of a competitor’s patent deemed strong, OR
» To check the strength of one’s own patent
These searches are alternatively known as Invalidity/invalidation search, Opposition searches, Patent Strength Assessment Searches, etc.

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Freedom to Operate or Clearance Searches:

Freedom to Operate (FTO) (also known as Right to Use, or Clearance search), includes a comprehensive Infringement search of unexpired patents. These searches also include a limited validity search of expired and unexpired patents, publications, and non patent literature. These searches also help to locate expired patents and provide relevant proof of an invention that is already in public domain.

One of the primary tasks of Freedom to Operate searches, therefore, is to determine if a particular act (method or process) such as testing or commercializing a product has freedom to operate in any particular country. That is why, it is vital to maintain patent databases and use the latest patent tools to make the searches.

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Infringement Analysis:

This is a skill intensive study conducted to determine if a product/process infringes a patent. Infringement analysis helps patent holders determine if a product/process violates their patent rights. On the other hand, infringement analysis helps companies associated with a product/process determine if their product/process violates rights of a patent. Infringement analysis is a vital step in product/process design/redesign.

We understand the criticality of infringement search and analysis for companies, and address the same by adopting a detailed approach in providing infringement opinion. Our approach includes charting claims of a patent and determining scope of claims of patents using proven methodologies. Further, we use various doctrines established by courts to determine scope of claims and provide reliable opinion relating to patent infringement.

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Patent Landscape Studies:

Patent landscaping is a study that involves exhaustive search, analysis and synthesis of patent documents relating to the technology domain of your interest. A detailed taxonomy of the technology is prepared in coordination with the client, based on the objective of the study. The patent documents are analyzed and arranged in the taxonomy to help our clients derive maximum value from the available patent data. Patent landscape reports are widely used as a knowledge base for technology troubleshooting, freedom to operate decisions, state of the art updates, understanding competitor strategy, and understanding technology trends, among others.

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Patent Portfolio Analysis:

Patent Portfolio Analysis is carried out to catalog the patents of a company either in a spreadsheet or database form. Patents are analysed in detail to identify the claimed, double claimed and not-yet claimed subject matters along with a thorough analysis of the complete patent families, and legal status/prosecution history. Also, trend analysis to represent the research focus, patent filling pattern, key patents, key inventors, patent citation analysis, etc., is presented through easy to interpret graphs and charts.

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File Wrapper / File History Analysis:

File wrappers or file histories hold a lot of valuable information that is generally overlooked because of the huge time required to completely analyze them. We at IP Galaxy Services provide all this important information in couple of sheets so that it can be easily analyzed. The inclusions of this report are bibliographic details, legal and technical analysis of the entire prosecution span of each independent claim.

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Patent Watch & Monitoring Services:

This is an update of current developments in a technology domain or a company on a regular basis. The update includes latest patents, changes in legal status of a patent family, recent research papers, product launches, and technical and corporate news. The analysis is presented as an executive summary web page or a newsletter.

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Patent Proofreading:

More than 80% of patents issued by the USPTO have errors related to the claimed terms, dependency in claims, claim duplicity, cited references, inventor names, specifications, etc. It is imperative for assignees to proofread patents to identify all the PTO/Applicant errors in a patent, ensure that these errors are not detrimental to a patent’s enforceability, ensure that the claim coverage of a patent is not altered and/or limited, the overall scope of a patent is not adversely affected. Our patent proofreading process is an extremely detailed analysis of a patent’s prosecution history to identify any PTO or applicant error. Our team members run thorough manual as well as automated checks simultaneously to ensure that a patent is free of any errors.

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Patent Drafting, Filing and Prosecution:

Patent specification has to be drafted to perfection, as it is the most critical document that protects your interests in the invention. A good patent specification can be drafted only if one has the capability to thoroughly understand the technical aspects of the invention and a good understanding of the legal aspects of patenting. Our experience and qualification in both technology and patent law gives us the necessary skills to provide value added patent specifications drafting services. We have registered patent agents within the company, who have immense experience in drafting patent specifications.

We also offer Patent Filing and Prosecution services in more than hundred countries including India , USA , Europe and so on. Our patent team has expertise to draft patent specifications that suit the requirements of specific patent offices. Our team of patent agents and partners enables us to file and prosecute patent applications with the objective of securing broadest possible protection and are fully acquainted with the legalities of patent prosecution procedures of different jurisdictions.

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Drawings for Design and Utility Patents:

We work with Patent Attorneys, Patent Agents and Organizations to provide Patent Drawings and Illustrations. From a simple trademark drawing to complex design drawings; we have the knowledge and experience to create patent drawings that will satisfy your needs and meet the stringent requirements of the USPTO and PCT. High quality Patent Drawings are very important to consider when filing your Patent application. We can provide highly accurate drawings that will illustrate your invention correctly.

Utility Patent Drawings: Utility Patents provide protection to inventions that are novel in function, practicality and operability. These types of patents are covering the actual process something does or uses to achieve some sort of service or operation.

Design Patent Drawings: Design Patents cover the ornamental characteristics of the invention and protects only the appearance of an object. The protection includes the shape and surface features that would make the invention unique.

Trademark Drawings: A Trademark is a distinctive sign or indicator used or intended to be used by a person, business organization or other legal entity in commerce to identify and distinguish the services or goods of one provider from those provided by others, and to indicate the source of the goods or services. A Trademark can be any name, word, phrase, logo, icon, symbol, design, image, or any combination of these elements.

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Trademark Registration:

We assist individuals, attorneys, and other intellectual property specialists in researching, protecting and managing their trademarks in Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao, Canada, the United States, Europe, and worldwide. We provide trademark availability search, trademark registration, trademark renewal, and trademark watching services across the globe.